Power Conditioning & OPEX Saving Products for Telecom BTS Sites

MULTILINE has one of the largest installed base of telecom power conditioning and OPEX saving equipment on BTS sites with all telecom operators in Pakistan. We provide a “turn-key” solution with “on-site” warranty in accordance with the stringent requirement of telecom operators.

Servo Based Line Conditioners For Indoor & Outdoor BTS Sites

Multiline Line conditioners based on servo design (constant voltage adjustment) is suitable for voltage range between 160V and 280V. Both single and three phase designs are available. Over and under voltage tripping, neutral failure safety and surge suppression is part of this very successful design. These are suitable for unbalanced loads. (10kVA to 30kVA, indoor and outdoor casing)

Micro Controller Based Line Conditioner with Step Relay Design

These are more suitable for a wider voltage variation but the correction of voltage is in step form. Some telecom operators prefer this design over servo based due to quicker correction time and wider range. Both single and three phase designs are available. Over and under voltage tripping, neutral failure safety and surge suppression is part of this design. Micro Controller ensures that the switching of mechanical relay is as close to the zero crossing of power as possible to ensure long life of switching devices. These are available in sizes from 5 kVA to 30kVA.

Integrated Power Solution (IPS) For OD BTS Sites

IPS is again one of our most successful products with thousands of installations with telecom operators. This is a complete solution with line-conditioning, surge suppression, complete power distribution, ATS panel, generator control and tower light control. The IP 54 casing is suitable for outdoor deployment and makes erection of BTS site very simple.

Various versions of IPS are available based on preferences of various telecom operators. A compact version without line conditioning is also available if desired. We can customize this product on specific requirements of the client.

Generator Management Module (GMM)

This is one of the most effective yet economical OPEX saving product. GMM is digital controller for saving generator run hours by cycling BTS sites or external batteries with minimal effect on cyclic life of battery bank. This includes BTS site temperature sensing mechanism as well. Again these have successful installations of many thousands with several operators in Pakistan.

Free Cooling Units (FCU) For Indoor BTS Sites

FCU is an effective OPEX saving product for indoor sites. This can reduce the use of air-conditioning on indoor BTS site by 60% to 70% by utilizing the outdoor environment and turning A/C on, only when the outdoor temperature exceeds required indoor temperature levels.

Deployment Of 3rd Party Equipment On Sites & Subsequent R&M

Multiline has a tried and tested system in place for organizing / deploying equipment (preferably power) on BTS sites and we have an effective after-sales service mechanism catering to stringent telecom requirements. Our staff is trained to work on telecom sites and we enjoy a high degree of trust with the operators. We have worked successfully with multi-national companies on deployment of their equipment on sites.