Why it makes sense to rent generators

Renting a generator can be beneficial in a variety of circumstances including scheduled power shutdowns, remote construction sites, new or expanded facilities, a seasonal peak load need and unscheduled maintenance of equipment. Multiline is the best power generator supplier in pakistan. Here are a few good reasons why renting a generator makes sense: 

  1. There is no capital investment involved as renting frees up your business capital. An expense is only incurred for the equipment when it is only needed for the particular job. The extra capital you save through renting power generator can be applied to the other demands within your business so you can grow profitably. Release your business from the costs associated with equipment ownership.
  2. We have a fleet of new and reliable power generators in Pakistan which minimize costly breakdowns. Our trained mechanics prior to each rental put our equipment through a rigorous maintenance routine to assure that most productive and reliable diesel generators reaches your job site.
  3. Our rental agreements typically cover complete maintenance of the equipment which can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts and those cumbersome maintenance records as “We do it all for you”.
  4. There is no need to maintain a storage yard. Just give us a call for quick pick-up or simply drop off the power generator when you have finished using it. We will take care of the equipment storage.
  5. You can increase your borrowing power by renting diesel generator in Pakistan does not appear as a liability on your business balance sheet. So renting a generator can actually increase your borrowing power by offering a better ratio of an asset to liabilities.
  6. Equipment ownership can be costly. Renting from Multiline allows you to use the latest technology equipment without the concern of costly depreciation. No more trying to get the job done with old, worn-out equipment.
  7. You may be considering buying a certain capacity of the generator and would like to operate it on your job to make sure it suits you before making that potential purchase. What better way to thoroughly try out equipment than to rent a similar capacity machine from Multiline.
  8. Your job requirements are always changing and you need to stay up with your customers demand. You may not always have the suitable capacity equipment to get the job done, but we do. Rely on Multiline Rentals to quickly supply the suitable capacity equipment to get the job done.
  9. Our team can knowledgeably consult you on equipment and applications. We will work to become your trusted rental source and make your job easier. We are only a phone call away.

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We have brand new and slightly used power generators from 15kVA to 1250kVA. We provide a complete solution, including a GSM remote monitoring station, which enables our team to monitor vital statistics such as diesel level, battery condition and hours run round the clock. So your generator is ready all the time

We take the entire responsibility of:

Built-in auto-starting/stopping features in all rental sets.
All rental sets are low-noise European-origin.
No liability on the clients.

Note: Please read terms and conditions for various rental set capacities and options *Optional


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