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Jan 1, 2020
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Multiline Engineering Co. Values it's Loyal Customers!

On This New Year We Are Offering Food Vouchers of 2000/- For Our Loyal Customers to Enjoy Sumptuous Meals at Spice Bazaar & Yum Restaurant

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How to Select the Proper Solar Panel Rating for Household Appliances?

Jan 1, 2020
best solar panel in pakistan

On the chance that you will use a solar panel system(off-grid or on-grid) and need to locate the precise measure of wattage and panel rating, you can do it effectively by the accompanying basic technique. The explained model and clarification are as pursue.

Assume we need to control up four lights every one of 15 watts and a fan of 60 watts and we have to utilize these 4 lights and 1 fan for 4 hours consistently. So first, we will compute absolute watts use.

Required Load in Watts

  • P.TOTAL= (4 x 15W) + 60W = 120 Watts.
  • This is our day by day load every hour in watts we have to control up by panels.

We Need it for 4 Hrs Daily

  • Presently, we need a persistent power supply for 4 hours every day by sun oriented board to the load.
  • Accordingly, increase 120 Watts with 4 hours.
  • Daylight = 6 Hrs

Interview of Mr. Ahmad Habib Qureshi, Deputy Manager Solar Division

Dec 31, 2019
best generators in pakistan

We are sharing with you what Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Habib Qureshi, Deputy Manager Solar Division, has to say about his experience in Multiline Engineering Company and how to maximize the benefits of solar panels in Pakistan.

Click Here for complete interview!

Multiline Offers Best Generators In Pakistan

Dec 28, 2019
best generators in pakistan

Multiline is a providing high quality automatic Perkins and Cummins generators in Pakistan since 1975. Our automatic power generator product range in Pakistan is not just limited to Perkins and Cummins generators but also include PRAMAC and Yamaha power generators.

Our international partners for producing various generators include Perkins (UK), Meccalte (UK), Cummins (USA), Sincro (Italy), Yamaha (Japan), Deepsea (UK) and several other world renowned companies. A complete range of branded generators from 5kVA to 1250kVA are in ready stock available with automation, soundproof canopies, and installations.

With high quality standards and qualified manpower, Multiline is one of the trusted brands for domestic and commercial power products. We enjoy a great reputation among the top generator companies in Pakistan. We have a huge list of satisfied customers with more than 8000 installations of branded generator sets in that are also serviced by us.

Multiline doesn’t believe in weeks or months. We have a huge and advanced inventory system and we deliver faster than your expectations. We deliver generators and parts in Pakistan with exceptionally short delivery time. We deliver generators in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all regions of country.

Along with high quality, exceptional service and short delivery time, Multiline offers the most competitive generator price in Pakistan. Let’s have a quick load calculation with our electronic power load calculator online to have an exact idea of your demand.

Multiline is the certified distributor of Perkins generators in Pakistan. We have a broad range of products with capacity from 10 kVA generators, 15 kVA generators up to 1250kVA .Fuel efficiency, modern build quality, wide range and easy availability of services are the benchmarks of perkins generators.

Multiline imports all Perkins generators from Peterborough UK factory and guarantee UK origin for both engine and alternators for Perkins powered generating sets. So, we offer most competitive prices. To look at the Perkins generators price list in Pakistan kindly check the details.

The complete range is available with or without soundproofing.We offer synchronizing panels, customized ATS Panels, containerized canopies and a lot more with our Perkins products in Pakistan.

Solar Panels In Pakistan And How To Maximize Efficiency of Solar Panels?

Dec 28, 2019
best generators in pakistan

Solar Energy production is the only solution of all your problems. Multiline is the leader among top solar panel companies in Lahore, Pakistan.

How We Are Helping Our Esteemed Clients

We are proudly helping our clients who are tired of paying huge electricity bills every month. We are helping them in saving up-to 100% on electricity bills through our grid tied solar power solution. They are also successfully taking advantage by earning through net metering. Their electricity bills have reduced sharply with security of sustainable energy production and added value to their homes.

It Starts With A Free Load Calculation

Are you thinking that how you can avail all these amenities of being a Multiline’s client? Let’s start with our service to calculate power load of house with our precise electrical load calculator online.

Not Us, But Our Clients Speak About Us

Multiline has been involved with installations of renewable energy systems mostly with telecom companies for a long time. We can provide a suitable solution for homes, offices and industry combined with our flawless after sales services.

We can provide grid tie and stand alone solar solutions using the best quality photovoltaic panels, charge controllers and inverters with full warranties and after sales support.

How On-Grid Solar System Work

This system is usually known as on-grid or grid-tied solar system. It is a very simple and efficient system in which the solar panels are connected with an inverter and energy meter. That’s how simple this system is.

Benefits of On-Grid Solar System

  • Net Metering. Consume free electricity and sell excess to generate profits.
  • Simple to Install.
  • No Need of Batteries. So, You don’t have to waste money on replacing batteries after couple of years.

Are You Worried About Cost of On-Grid Solar System

Think again and don’t worry. The prices of solar panels in Pakistan has reduced by a large percentage since last decade. Government of Pakistan is providing incentives and duty relaxations on solar panels.

Additionally there is no cost of batteries involved. So installing an on-grid solar system in Pakistan is quite affordable for almost every house hold.

Additionally the provision of net metering by government is a huge source of motivation.

Cherry On The Cake

Customer satisfaction is our passion. Your best experiences are our biggest achievements. So, even after the installation of on-grid solar systems we provide exceptional after sales services for solar installations.

We keep your panels shining and your faces smiling!

What To Do Next

Yeah you are thinking what to do to avail all these perks of being a client of Multiline?

Just make us a call or email us to get our exceptional informational, operational and after sales services. Feel free to contact us if you want to know how to calculate electric consumption of home appliances.

Multiline Offers Best Home Automation Solution In Pakistan

Dec 25, 2019
best home automation systems in pakistan

Introduction To Home Automation System

Multiline Engineering Co. has been providing home automation services in all cities of Pakistan. These includes home automation in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Home automation gives you access to control gadgets in your home from a cell phone anyplace on the planet. The term might be utilized for detached programmable gadgets, similar to indoor regulators and sprinkler frameworks, however home computerization all the more precisely portrays homes in which almost everything — gates, lights, apparatuses, electrical outlets, warming and cooling frameworks — are connected to a remotely controllable system. From a home security viewpoint, this likewise incorporates your alert framework, and the entirety of the entryways, windows, locks, smoke alarms, observation cameras and whatever other sensors that are connected to it.

Home Automation In Pakistan

Multiline Engineering Company is providing latest home automation concepts in Pakistan. The programming may incorporate time-related directions, for example, having your lights turn on or off at preset occasions daily. It can likewise incorporate non-booked occasions, for example, turning on every one of the lights in your home when your security framework alert is activated.

When you begin to understand the mechanism, you can use home automation system to in custom ways to improve your life. For example gate automation trend is at it’s peak. If you have to open your gate at a specific time of day for someone, you can program the system. It will automatically open the gate at that time and close it accordingly.

Home Automation Developments

Normally including just lighting, warming and cooling frameworks, building robotization once in a while gave more than fundamental control, checking and planning capacities and was open just from explicit control focuses inside the structure itself.

The first and most clear recipients of this methodology are gadgets and apparatuses that can be associated with a neighborhood, through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Be that as it may, electrical frameworks and even individual focuses, similar to light switches and electrical outlets, were likewise coordinated into home computerization systems, and organizations have even investigated the capability of IP-based stock following. In spite of the fact that the day is still far away when you'll have the option to utilize your versatile program to find a lost sock, home systems are equipped for including an expanding number of gadgets, Tools and frameworks.

Manage Home Automation With Remote Control

The other primary quality of front line home automation in Pakistan is remote checking and access. While a constrained measure of single direction remote observing has been workable for quite a while, it's just since the ascent in cell phones and tablets that we've could genuinely associate with our home systems while we're away. With the correct home automation system, you can utilize any Internet-associated gadget to view and control the framework itself and any appended gadgets.

Checking applications can give an abundance of data about your home, from the status of the present minute to a history of what has occurred up to now. You can check your security framework's status, regardless of whether the lights are on, whether the entryways are bolted, what the present temperature of your house is and significantly more. With cameras as a major aspect of your home automation and security system, you can even draw up continuous video streaming and actually observe what's happening in your home while you're away. Security camera system (CCTV cameras) are of immense importance in Pakistan.

You can program your framework to send you an instant message or email at whatever point your security framework enlists a potential issue, from serious climate cautions to movement finder alerts to alarms. You can likewise get informed for increasingly everyday occasions, for example, programming your gate lock to tell you when your youngster comes all the way back from school.

The genuine hands-on control comes in when you start connecting with the home automation system from your remote application. Notwithstanding furnishing and incapacitating your security framework, you can reinvent the planning, close and open entryways, reset the indoor regulator and change the lights all from your telephone, from anyplace on the planet.

Home Automation Components

What sorts of things can be a piece of a home automation systems in Pakistan? In a perfect world, anything that can be associated with a system can be computerized and controlled remotely. In reality (outside of research labs and the homes of the rich and well known), home mechanization most usually associates basic twofold gadgets. This incorporates "on and off" gadgets, for example, gates, lights, electrical plugs and electronic locks, yet additionally gadgets, for example, security sensors which have just two states, open and shut.

Where home automation in Pakistan turns out to be genuinely "brilliant" is in the Internet-empowered gadgets that join to this system and control it. The exemplary control unit is the home PC, for which a significant number of the previous home automation systems were planned. The present home automation systems are bound to appropriate programming and checking control between a committed gadget in the home, similar to the control board of a security framework, and an easy to understand application interface that can be gotten to by means of an Internet-empowered PC, cell phone or tablet.

Home Management System Increases Efficiency

One clear favorable position of home automation system in Pakistan is the unparalleled potential for cost and energy savings. Your home is now more smart and intellingent as in it utilizes a temperature gauge to administer the home's warming and cooling framework. Much of the time, indoor regulators can likewise be modified with various objective temperatures so as to keep vitality use at any rate during the hours when you're most drastically averse to profit by the warming and cooling.

At the most essential level, home automation in Pakistan stretches out that planned programmability to lighting, with the goal that you can suit your vitality use to your standard every day plan. With increasingly adaptable home mechanization frameworks, electrical outlets or even individual gadgets can likewise be consequently shut down during hours of the day when they're not required. Likewise with secluded gadgets like indoor regulators and sprinkler frameworks, the booking can be additionally separated to recognize ends of the week and even periods of the year, at times.

Set calendars are useful, yet a large number of us keep various hours from everyday. Vitality expenses can be considerably additionally decreased by programming "macros" into the framework and controlling it remotely at whatever point required. At the end of the day, you could set up a "getting back home" occasion that turns on lights and warming as you're driving home after work, for instance, and actuate everything with one tap on your cell phone. An inverse "venturing out from home" occasion could spare you from squandering vitality on overlooked lights and machines once you've left for the afternoon.

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Multiline Engineering’s smart home systems in Pakistan can help make things somewhat simpler for you. These smart home solutions can also save you a lot of cost and energy. So. just give us a call and have a detailed discussion to design a solution for your home!