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Multiline has been involved in installation of power systems for the last 40 year. With over 4000 clients and over 10,000 installations, we have always made sure that our clients get exactly what was promised (no fakes, no miscommitments and no tinkering with the specifications). We follow all this up with immaculate after sales support. This is a simple, but unfortunately not a commonly followed formula that has carried us forward with dignity and enormous respect from our customers.

Currently more than 90% of our business comes from our existing clients or direct referrals. This means the world to us.

After all, it is easy for a company which has only existed for less than 5 years to commit to 20 years of warranty and support but multiline has proven its commitment by being there for our customers for over 4 decades.

It is Certainly easier said than done.

Zubair Khaliq

Zubair Khaliq

Zubair Khaliq, the CEO of Multiline, holds a degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech University (USA). After gaining professional experience in the United States, he returned to Pakistan in the mid-nineties with a vision for creating and marketing products with broad market appeal. Initially focusing on addressing the escalating issue of power outages in urban areas, he successfully introduced a home UPS system. Building on this success, Khaliq, alongside a dedicated team, ventured into developing small, quiet, and automatic diesel generating sets for homes and small commercial setups, achieving remarkable success, driven largely by genuine product quality and exceptional after-sales support.

In 2003, Multiline forged significant partnerships within the burgeoning telecom sector in Pakistan, marking a pivotal moment for the company. This newfound success empowered Multiline to import top-tier engines from renowned manufacturers like Perkins and Cummins worldwide. The company officially entered the renewable energy sector in 2015, although its initial foray into solar panels dates back to 2009.

Zubair Khaliq remains the driving force behind Multiline, leading a team of over one hundred employees. As the CEO, he continues to work actively, contributing to product development and guiding the selection of new products. In recognition of his leadership and contributions, he was honored in 2023 as one of the top 100 CEOs in Pakistan. Highly respected within the industry, he also extends his expertise by advising numerous companies on matters related to power and renewables.

Amir Saeed

Amir Saeed Qureshi, the grandson of one of the pioneers in diesel engine manufacturing in the sub-continent, has deep roots in the industry. His grandfather founded Matchless Engines Company, a pioneering venture that commenced the production and export of diesel engines in the early nineteen hundreds. Growing up amidst engines and gearboxes, Amir, alongside his cousins, immersed himself in modifying cars and bikes from a young age.

As he matured, Amir's fascination with power electronics took root. His professional journey began with Descon Engineering in Lahore, where he contributed to the development team focused on battery chargers and inverter-based power devices, honing his technical expertise. In the late nineties, he joined Multiline part-time as a consultant, gradually transitioning to a more substantial role in the early 2000s, becoming an indispensable member of the core team.

At Multiline, Amir Saeed Qureshi leads a team of engineers, providing guidance on solar system design and installations. His wealth of experience, coupled with a passion for innovation, has solidified his position as one of the key contributor to Multiline's success.

Amir Saeed
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With over 4000 clients and over 10,000 Installations We have always made sure that our clients get exactly what was promised