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Industrial Projects

Elevate your industrial operations to new heights of sustainability and cost-efficiency with our solar solutions designed for industrial projects. Our expertise in large-scale solar installations ensures that your facility benefits from clean, renewable energy on a grand scale. From warehouses and manufacturing plants to data centers and distribution centers, we tailor solar solutions to meet your unique energy demands. Our advanced solar technologies and meticulous project management guarantee maximum energy production, leading to significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Partner with us to harness the sun's power, enhance your corporate sustainability, and secure a brighter, greener future for your industrial enterprise. Explore our industrial solar offerings today and embark on a path towards energy independence and environmental responsibility.

Chaaye Khana/Islamabad 250 KW

So far 358 MWh produced.

90 % of Project Cost Recovered by the Customer

One of the most aesthetically challenging projects delivered by Multiline without disturbing the beauty of this structure located in foothills of Margalla mountains.

KIA Motors 109 KW

Driving Sustainability to the Top at KIA Motors! Multiline is proud to announce the completion of our 109kW solar project, featuring solar installations on robust steel structures. We've created a sustainable oasis for car parking on the rooftop. Green energy meets modern convenience at its best

Yummy Factory 200 KW

Multiline's Cutting-Edge Solar Project at Yummy’s Factory of 200kW!

We've harnessed the power of the sun with our latest installation, featuring solar panels on both steel structures and regular frames. Plus, we've designed a dedicated solar parking space for trucks, taking green energy to the next level. Drive into a greener future with us.

Proton Showroom 65 KW

Our latest solar project at Proton Showroom of 65kW showcases our dedication to innovation and precision. We've successfully installed solar panels on robust steel structures, guaranteeing not only renewable energy but also perfect waterproof sealing.