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We only select the top-rated tier 1 inverters such as Huawei, Fronius and fox. One of the criteria in selection of inverter is the after-sales support provided by the inverter manufacturer. There are times when things do go wrong and inverters get damaged. It can be due to a WAPDA related issue and some inverter companies tend to get into technicalities and deny warranties eventually shifting the burden to customer.

At Multiline, we understand that the customer has placed their trust in us and we will give the support for which we are always ready.

Best inverters are selected and recommended as per the requirements of the customer

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Unlock the Power of the Sun with Huawei Solar Inverters. Clean, efficient, and reliable energy conversion for a sustainable future

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Experience a new dawn in solar energy efficiency with Fronius Solar Inverters. Pioneering innovation for a brighter, sustainable tomorrow

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Embrace the energy of the future with Fox Solar Inverters. Elevate your solar experience and power your life with innovation